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"Frontline demonstrations are the most effective and useful extension activities to demonstrate latest technologies developed to the ultimate clientele (i.e.) the farmers, in their own field. The principle of “Seeing is Believing” is operational in these demonstrations, as the farmers get easily convinced when they see the performance of new technologies in the fields of their neighboring farmers.

During the silver jubilee year of establishment of Directorate of Rice Research (DRR), Hyderabad, Frontline Demonstrations in rice were initiated in eastern India, to enhance the rice production in low productivity areas. Later based on the need for popularization of new technologies developed and the initiative of the cooperators, these FLDs were extended to other regions as well.

The FLD program is being organized by the Directorate of Rice Research (DRR) and is sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture under the Macro- Management Scheme. The financial assistance provided is Rs. 6250/- (Rupees Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty only) per hectare of demonstration.

At present Dr.Shaik N.Meera, Senior Scientist from DRR is coordinating the activities under the guidance of Project Director."

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